The Quiet Hours

My poor little blog has suffered from a lack of attention this summer. I can assure you my children haven’t, but the blog certainly has. School is back in full swing this week, leaving me a bit of a mess. The first day of school is a mixed bag of emotion, and you never know which one you will reach in and pull out. It can range from a slight sense of euphoria, ‘Hey look, there’s no one here to bicker and sass me and leave out every toy in the house’ to a mild sense of panic ‘Hey look, there’s no one here to bicker and sass me…’

You understand, I know you do. Being a mama is like wearing your heart forever on the outside, laid bare ready to soak up every bit of pain, pleasure, failure, and joy that life spills out. It’s a holy calling, this mothering.

But, it’s hard to mother the absent, and so I act a little crazy and feel a little teary and wonder what in the world I will do with all my free time. Then I remember the ironing, the groceries, the unmade beds and my heart finds a way to mother them even here, in the quiet hours.