In which I realize my smallness

Too often I spend time making comparisons. Wishing for her talent, his intellect or her success. I go round and round in circles with it, always with the same outcome. The same fears take shape, and I convince myself of my smallness. I think we’re all wired for it, this desire to be bigger than we are. I realize the futility in it, this comparison between myself and others. Why choose to compare my flawed and broken against the brokeness of another?

Instead I must choose to see that we are, each of us, small in the hands of a Creator God. This is a place where smallness makes sense. A place where I can let the fears and wonderings rest in His greatness. Where the insecurities that I carry are set down at His feet and released, because He is so much better at carrying it than I am.

His greatness, our smallness, weary souls rest.