Blogger Interrupted or A Summer Blessing

It seems that while I have been busy stuffing my face with such delicacies as chocolate peanut butter ice cream, enjoying summer fun with my favorite little people and spending time with my favorite grown up person, the days have been silently stacking up. The memories have too, blanketing these days until they are a fuzzy haze of sticky hands and sunshine.

I’m trying to soak it all up, these little people who won’t stay little no matter how much I wish it, the friendships that cross oceans and time zones, family that loves and gives and loves some more. And the husband, the husband whose first answer is always ‘yes’, and who wakes up as steadfast as the sun and the moon.

I wish this for you as well. May your summer be blessed with every good and perfect gift. May it be full of laughter and sticky-handed love, and may you be wise enough to recognize and revel in it.