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Empty hours

It’s been ages hasn’t it?

We’ve been busy settling back into life in der Schweiz. There has been laundry, groceries, and lots of gardening to catch up on. Cold, rainy weather has led to some rather interesting dynamics among my little people, namely who can be the most annoying without getting caught and who can make their sibling the first to cry on any given day. There have also been rousing games of who can make the biggest mess and not clean it up, and who can complain the most about the bad weather/soggy garden clean-up/general obnoxiousness of their family members.

I may or may not have won that last round.

Summer as an expat is a tricky time. Most families head back to their home country for the better part of the summer months, so playmates are scarce. Add in some exceptionally bad weather, and you are looking at a lot of empty hours to fill. We’ll be filling them soon with a villa in Italy. Until then, I will be silently begging God to accept that I have enough patience and I no longer require the aforementioned situations in order to produce it.

What are you doing to fill your empty summer hours?


A good year

The return to Zurich is weighing heavy on my mind. It will involve three little people, five suitcases, some carry-ons, and only one responsible adult who does not bear up well under pressure or a lack of sleep. Our last trip ended with my son’s (possibly accurate) observation that I wasn’t ‘setting a very good example’. You might agree if you believe yelling at one’s kids and generally acting like a crazy person is considered a bad example.

Our time here in the US has been all kinds of wonderful. Being with friends and family who know my true self, and still like me in spite of it, fills up the fissures and cracks that have appeared over the last year of living away. Having said that, I am excited about this next year in Switzerland. It is likely that we will return to the US next summer, so there is a lifetime of travel to be squeezed into a very short twelve months. There are new friends to make and expat friends to keep. Mountain views to be enjoyed and forest paths to run. Kids to raise and laundry to complain about.

It’s going to be a good year. A very good year.

Do you have big plans for this next school year? And by big, I mean anything from the care and keeping of your family to trying a new hair color.



‘Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.’ ~ John Lubbock

Blogger Interrupted or A Summer Blessing

It seems that while I have been busy stuffing my face with such delicacies as chocolate peanut butter ice cream, enjoying summer fun with my favorite little people and spending time with my favorite grown up person, the days have been silently stacking up. The memories have too, blanketing these days until they are a fuzzy haze of sticky hands and sunshine.

I’m trying to soak it all up, these little people who won’t stay little no matter how much I wish it, the friendships that cross oceans and time zones, family that loves and gives and loves some more. And the husband, the husband whose first answer is always ‘yes’, and who wakes up as steadfast as the sun and the moon.

I wish this for you as well. May your summer be blessed with every good and perfect gift. May it be full of laughter and sticky-handed love, and may you be wise enough to recognize and revel in it.