In the stacks

We’ve been back in the States for just over a week now, and I am being slowly seduced by the ease and convenience of being here. It started with this overwhelming feeling of relief. One big, delicious sigh of understanding. I get this. I get the rules and the tenor and the general USA-ishness of it all.

I’ve found myself getting lost in other people’s conversations (some might call it eavesdropping, I prefer to call it overly acute hearing). I’m enjoying small talk and smiles and 24 hour convenience, because there are times that one may want to take three jet-lagged kids to the grocery store at 5am. Oh yes, there are.

I had once believed Target to be the greatest seductress of them all, but I was wrong. It’s the library, in all it’s florescent lighted, geriatric, hushed glory. Not having ready access to the written word, has been one of the most difficult things about living in Switzerland. The internet does a fine job of keeping me up to date with the latest releases and such, but there is nothing like walking among the rows and stacks to make me feel like I’m home.

Big, delicious sigh.