For when you feel like you’re not enough

I dreamt recently that I was sitting among a group of women who I really admire, who awe me with their ability and talent. We were laughing and chatting, and it was inclusive and I felt like maybe, just maybe, I could belong there. Some unexplainable circumstance occurred, and I found myself suddenly on the outside, no longer a part of the group, unable to measure up. I woke up with a vivid memory of it, and this feeling of somehow being ‘less than’.

My old friend Inferiority took this opportunity to roll in silently, blanketing truth like a fog. It’s hard to see beyond its heavy, grey weight. It encompasses and obscures the solid and the real. We go a long way back, Inferiority and I, but I have learned she is a cruel companion.

She is a liar and a thief.

Inferiority steals time and potential and hope. Oh, how she loves to steal hope.  I have allowed her to take what I know is rightfully mine. She whispers lies like not enough, incapable, or mediocre. And I am guilty of listening.

I used to believe that the best way to combat inferiority was with success. But success doesn’t always follow effort. It’s the effort that counts, that contends. It’s the effort of putting one word behind another, running one more mile, or creating one loving moment in a sea of bad ones. It is rejecting the lies and replacing them with Truth.

It is in knowing this Truth; that we are worthy, loved, fearfully and wonderfully made, that we are set free. And freedom is a far better companion than inferiority will ever be.



  • Michelle

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