Wanderlust Part 1

This is part one of a smallish series about living out your story. My story happens to include living overseas and traveling a lot, but it’s really about the bigger picture; about contentment, acceptance and taking our deepest desires and fashioning a life out of them.

For a long time it was enough to read about it. I could burrow into a character’s adventure and feel as if I’d been somewhere. I could ‘be’ her. I could hide behind her bookcase, help her solve the crime, skin the orchard peaches, or disappear into the museum. But the stories watered the seed of wanderlust, until it wasn’t enough to simply read about it.

The gift of imagination is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it demands to be proven true.

I know what it is to walk the garden that inspired Monet’s masterpieces,

breathe the air from the top of a Swiss mountain, 
and run the length of Tower Bridge. 
I have stood among ruins,
smelled the salty sea at the Cape of Good Hope,

and ‘read’ from the book of the dead (in as much as one can read hieroglyphics).

And I’ve only just begun. 

There is so much living to be done. I was content to sit at home and let the books in my hand do it for me, until I realized that the only story I would be able to tell would be the one someone else wrote. I want to live my own story. How about you?

Join me tomorrow for more….