How do we then choose?

We spent a week in Paris over the Easter holidays, and it was everything a trip to Paris should be…delicious food, beautiful art and architecture, fantastic shopping, grumpy kids.

To be fair, they weren’t grumpy all the time and they did take turns. I have since learned that there is nothing that can’t be cured by a trip to a tacky souvenir shop. Throw in a pain au chocolat and smiles all around.

I love traveling.
I also love Paris.

Sitting at an outdoor cafe watching the world walk by, it occurred to me that it might require physical force for me to move back to NJ,  proud home of the strip mall and Stewart’s Root Beer Restaurant chain.


Or this:

Once again…this:
Or this:
You see my dilemma.
I have more to say. More about wanderlust and guilt and learning contentment. I’m anxious to hear what you have to say too. 


  • JJ

    Your making me feel so good about this move! 🙂

  • Hilarious! The comparison, I mean.

    My husband grew up in Belgium. Most of his family is still located there, and we’ve considered moving to Europe to be closer…then didn’t do it. We just stayed put.

    Sometimes I regret it.

    Sometimes I imagine all that rain and the cool temperatures and gray skies and think maybe it was okay after all.

    But Switzerland? Or France?

    There is an appeal…