For when you need a solution

Along the edge of my garden, just over the picket fence, there is a walking path (a wanderweg) that the local kids use to go to and from school. They pass by four times a day, and my dog sits patiently at the glass doors each time desperately hoping to escape and give them a good howl. 

I have now rigged up an ingenious method (an overturned wicker chair) for keeping him in, while still allowing the breeze and birdsong to flow. Why not use a screen, you ask? Because, for some reason I have yet to understand, the Swiss do not believe in screens. It is annoying and bizarre, and maybe a little bit freeing too. 
It took one year of me yelling, chasing the dog, and general grumpiness to figure out that simply putting a chair in front of the door would be a good solution. I’m obviously not going to steal away my husband’s title of “Family Genius” anytime soon. It has me wondering how many other annoying situations I would rather grumble about, instead of just getting on with it and finding a solution. I think there is a stack of un-hung picture frames calling my name. I wonder if the Swiss have anything against making excessive holes in the wall?