Archives for April 7, 2011

365 Down

It’s been exactly one year since we joined the expat ranks in Zurich. The longing for home hasn’t decreased with time, but learning to call another place home has become easier. And let’s be honest, it’s not like I’m living on the plains of Africa. I think I might give myself a little too much credit for making such an “easy” transition. It’s hardly difficult to enjoy living in a place that is safe, clean, and populated by multi-lingual people who enjoy eating large quantities of cheese and chocolate. 

I’m totally on board with the cheese and chocolate thing. Unfortunately, my abilities in the multi-lingual department are limited to about five words. I have, however, perfected the blank stare which I have found to be useful in most social situations.
This move has tugged away at the roots of familiarity. It has forced me to choose between being yanked out like a weed or submitting to the discomfort of reaching higher. I like to think that’s what I’m doing here. Reaching higher.