Michael has been steadily trying to convince me that I should go to the apple store in Zurich today in order to queue for the release of the ipad2.


He can not be serious.

Tomorrow is my last very long run (22mi.) before the marathon in 4weeks. I am dreading it enough as it is, and to attempt to do it on legs that have been waiting for hours on end for an ipad? I think not.

He suggested I bring a lawn chair.

I suggested he run 22 miles.

He suggested that maybe I don’t actually run on Saturdays, but instead head off for a coffee at Starbucks for three hours then splash myself with water to appear sweaty.

I suggested (under my breath) something that does not bear repeating here.

Aaaahhh, the final weeks of training. They do require a mental fortitude that I’m not sure I possess.

In other news, E has been away on a three day snowboarding trip to Davos. He arrives home this evening, and I can’t wait to get my arms around that boy’s neck.

Happy weekending!