About time…

for some photographs. I have been terribly remiss in keeping up with things here. It can be difficult to come up with new ways of saying ‘Today I bagged two lunches, ran three loads of laundry, pondered a new way to make chicken appear appetizing, and spent two hours shuttling my kids back and forth’. Rinse and repeat, every dang week. That sounds ungrateful, which it isn’t. Just real. I know you understand.

So let’s add a little beauty to an otherwise ordinary day shall we? A few weeks ago we took a cogwheel train up to the very top of Mt Rigi, also known as the ‘Queen of the Mountains’.

Rigi Kulm is the point from which all of the other mountains in Switzerland are measured. From below the mountain everything was obscured by gray cloud cover, but the beautiful thing about Switzerland is that the sun is always shining further up.

Once you break through the cover, the mountains peak above a sea of clouds. 
It is silent and still, and makes one feel very, very small and a Creator God feel very, very large.
The silence lasted about three minutes, enough for a brief moment of contemplation, and then these yahoos arrived…
After a bit of monkeying around, an untimely request for the potty, complaints of hunger and lots of photos we descended via cable car, then hopped a boat, then a train and finally our weary feet took us home. And there my children gratefully escaped my latest attempt at chicken for a take-away pizza.