Wrap up

Half term break is nearly over, and I am happy to report that it has been equal parts fun and lazing about.  There was a day trip to Mt. Rigi where we (and by ‘we’ I mean my mister) had hoped we could attempt death defying acts of snow sporting also known as sledging, which was unfortunately (and by ‘unfortunately’, I mean quite fortunately) deemed impossible due to a lack of snow.

This lack of snow didn’t stop us from a visit to Brunni for a day of snowboarding and skiing, where we decided we didn’t need lessons because how hard can it be to dodge huge patches of brown grass and rock formations? Pretty dang hard I discovered. After multiple attempts at using the T-bar lift, also known as Spawn of Satan, I was finally feeling rather steady on the ascent when I was flagged down by a screaming and crying child running downhill. I recognized this child as being mine, hopped off the lift, only to find out that he wanted me to then WALK up the mountain to retrieve a snowboard that had somehow unstrapped itself from his feet and found it’s way into a ravine of mud and rock. I never did conquer that dang T-bar, but I am now an expert at walking uphill and then descending it on weak and unsteady legs. 
We decided to take it easy yesterday with a leisurely tour of the Zurich Zoo, where I can happily report nothing untoward occurred. We ate ice cream in the cold, saw all manner of animals, and made it home without losing E at any time. Success!
How was your weekend?