Moving forward

All’s quiet here for the moment.  It won’t last long. We are now officially on half-term break, or Ski Week as the Swiss like to call it.  Fortunately for us, my complete and utter lack in planning an appropriate ski holiday has worked in our favor, as the weather is positively spring like.  We have various day trips planned, which should generate a few new photos for those of you who enjoy the views here.  I really can’t do the beauty of this country justice, either with words or with photographs, but I will try.

In other news, I am busy reading, reading, reading.  Taking a Jane Austen course is one of my best ideas to date.  I have the perfect excuse for burying my nose in some of my favorite novels.  Of course, this then means that I must watch every film adaptation of the books.  To get the full picture, mind you.

I’m also pushing forward with the running.  Good runs, bad runs, they’re all important in the process as I’m training my mind just as much as I’m training my body, regardless of the pain, mental or otherwise:).

Wishing you a pain free weekend, filled with your favorite things….