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Wrap up

Half term break is nearly over, and I am happy to report that it has been equal parts fun and lazing about.  There was a day trip to Mt. Rigi where we (and by ‘we’ I mean my mister) had hoped we could attempt death defying acts of snow sporting also known as sledging, which was unfortunately (and by ‘unfortunately’, I mean quite fortunately) deemed impossible due to a lack of snow.

This lack of snow didn’t stop us from a visit to Brunni for a day of snowboarding and skiing, where we decided we didn’t need lessons because how hard can it be to dodge huge patches of brown grass and rock formations? Pretty dang hard I discovered. After multiple attempts at using the T-bar lift, also known as Spawn of Satan, I was finally feeling rather steady on the ascent when I was flagged down by a screaming and crying child running downhill. I recognized this child as being mine, hopped off the lift, only to find out that he wanted me to then WALK up the mountain to retrieve a snowboard that had somehow unstrapped itself from his feet and found it’s way into a ravine of mud and rock. I never did conquer that dang T-bar, but I am now an expert at walking uphill and then descending it on weak and unsteady legs. 
We decided to take it easy yesterday with a leisurely tour of the Zurich Zoo, where I can happily report nothing untoward occurred. We ate ice cream in the cold, saw all manner of animals, and made it home without losing E at any time. Success!
How was your weekend?

Moving forward

All’s quiet here for the moment.  It won’t last long. We are now officially on half-term break, or Ski Week as the Swiss like to call it.  Fortunately for us, my complete and utter lack in planning an appropriate ski holiday has worked in our favor, as the weather is positively spring like.  We have various day trips planned, which should generate a few new photos for those of you who enjoy the views here.  I really can’t do the beauty of this country justice, either with words or with photographs, but I will try.

In other news, I am busy reading, reading, reading.  Taking a Jane Austen course is one of my best ideas to date.  I have the perfect excuse for burying my nose in some of my favorite novels.  Of course, this then means that I must watch every film adaptation of the books.  To get the full picture, mind you.

I’m also pushing forward with the running.  Good runs, bad runs, they’re all important in the process as I’m training my mind just as much as I’m training my body, regardless of the pain, mental or otherwise:).

Wishing you a pain free weekend, filled with your favorite things….




I went for a longish run today on my usual Saturday route.  I am about six weeks into training for the London Marathon in April.  I’m not entirely sure what has possessed me to run it so soon after NYC in November, but it’s on the bucket list, and as I see it, there isn’t any better time than the present.  I write this to prepare you for the inevitable barrage of posts in which I will be either complaining, lamenting or calling myself names with regard to this event.  Consider yourself warned.
My goals for this race are as follows:

1. To keep all of my toenails in the training process.  I don’t have high hopes for this one.
2. To improve my time by a few minutes.  Harder than you think given the amount of time it takes to complete the race.
3. To remain marginally pleasant during the hardest weeks of training in March. I think I might be able to pull this one off, as at some point you kind of get used to being exhausted and in pain.  I liken it to the early years of motherhood.

That’s a lot of background information for what I really want to say, which is this… I came home disappointed.  I ran ten miles (which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t comparatively speaking) and it was tough.  Tougher than it should be for me.  After returning home feeling a bit defeated, it crossed my mind that perhaps I’ve reached the limits of what I’m able to accomplish.  I let that thought sit and stir for a while, and realized that I actually feel that way about a number of things in my life.  That perhaps I’ve simply reached my limits?  Perhaps I won’t run stronger and faster this time. Perhaps I can’t make it down a mountain without spending the majority of the time on my backside. Perhaps I’ll never write as well as I’d like.

I find that the line between realistic expectations and unrealistic hopes is easily blurred by fear.  Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference, when to push through it, and when to accept that yes, there are limits.