Survival of the fittest

It seems we all survived our first experience ski/snowboarding in the Alps.  Of course we didn’t make it off the bunny slope, but I still consider it a success in that no one was hurt and I spent only about three quarters of the time on my backside.  The story doesn’t end there, as we get to do it all over again for another three Sundays.  Blessedly, I will have my better half available to assist me in the gear hauling and kid wrangling.

I’ve spent the better part of this week trying to walk as if everything didn’t hurt and playing catch up from our three weeks away.  Between the Advil popping and laundry loads, I’ve tried (somewhat successfully) to set aside some time to think and pray about the year ahead.  I want to be intentional and purposeful with this year, and not live distracted and fractured.  So I find myself a bit lost in a pile of lists, papers and books. Lost in a good way. In a way that suggests I might not see the path clearly, but I am headed in the right direction.

What direction are you headed in this year?



  • deb

    I like to live intentionally,
    but so often get lost in the day to day, each thing pulling me away from what I thought I might or should do.
    Not the chores and mundane so much, as I’ve learned to let go a bit there,
    but people things.
    Perhaps that is where I’m suppose to be , I’m not sure about this. Boundaries, discipline, putting myself out there, going for things vs slow just enough just being.
    I’m hoping January is extra long this year while I figure this out. 🙂

  • Me too Deb:) I feel like it might be June before I get the hang of what this year is supposed to be about for me. Praying that this year you are focused but also free.