On goat walking, Swiss Mormons and a bucket of worms

Unfortunately, the title of this post indicates that something exciting has taken place.  It has not.  However all three of these things have made an appearance in my day today, and sometimes it’s worth noticing the details, mundane as they may be.  It’s all fuel for the art, my friends.

I’m usually motivated to notice beauty… in my kids, my situation, my life.  But, life isn’t about limiting our view only to the lovely.  It’s seeing the strange, the tragic, the complex or the downright weird.  And if that includes watching a family on a walk with their dog and three goats, or attending a show with festively dressed turtles, then I hope I’m there to notice it.



  • The first time I saw this photo, I thought “chocolate!” I had to look again. And again.

    Thanks for the post below, on creativity. Perfect timing.