In the beginning

As children, we don’t learn to create, we just do.  We don’t need someone to tell us we are an artist, we just are. We create and we are art and we follow hard in the footsteps of a Father who ‘In the beginning created the Heaven’s and the Earth’.

If you are an artist, desire to be an artist, think you can’t ever be an artist, may I make a suggestion?  Can I recommend that you pop over and read Emily’s recent posts on the act of creating?  She has given words to some of the ideas and beliefs I’ve been wrestling with, and helped breathe life into the desires I feel God’s put on my heart for this year.

We all start at the beginning.  Maybe now it’s time to start creating.


PS  I’ve only linked to the first post in the series.  Be sure to check out the others.


  • What an awesome, inspiring post! I look forward to more of them. Your kids are gorgeous.

    Pleasure meeting you!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog. It sounds like you have some interesting things stirring on the creative front. I’m curious – what is your chosen or preferred artistic endeavor? Are you writing too?

    Oh, and can I suggest a blog you might like? Fairytale Hausfrau


  • Hi vmichelle, thanks for asking. I write too:)
    Thanks for the hausfrau link. I already checked it out, and I think she and I have a lot in common!