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On goat walking, Swiss Mormons and a bucket of worms

Unfortunately, the title of this post indicates that something exciting has taken place.  It has not.  However all three of these things have made an appearance in my day today, and sometimes it’s worth noticing the details, mundane as they may be.  It’s all fuel for the art, my friends.

I’m usually motivated to notice beauty… in my kids, my situation, my life.  But, life isn’t about limiting our view only to the lovely.  It’s seeing the strange, the tragic, the complex or the downright weird.  And if that includes watching a family on a walk with their dog and three goats, or attending a show with festively dressed turtles, then I hope I’m there to notice it.


In the beginning

As children, we don’t learn to create, we just do.  We don’t need someone to tell us we are an artist, we just are. We create and we are art and we follow hard in the footsteps of a Father who ‘In the beginning created the Heaven’s and the Earth’.

If you are an artist, desire to be an artist, think you can’t ever be an artist, may I make a suggestion?  Can I recommend that you pop over and read Emily’s recent posts on the act of creating?  She has given words to some of the ideas and beliefs I’ve been wrestling with, and helped breathe life into the desires I feel God’s put on my heart for this year.

We all start at the beginning.  Maybe now it’s time to start creating.


PS  I’ve only linked to the first post in the series.  Be sure to check out the others.

Bubble gum wishes

If only wishes were as plentiful and sweet as a bowl of gumballs.  Or in this case, an entire bathtub of gumballs.
I don’t think my kids wished for anything more than to plunge their hand deep into that tub of bubble gum goodness.  They live so connected to the present, to plunging deep and finding the sweetness there.  
My wishes are more complex, less lemon yellow and bubble gum pink and more of the rainbow variety. It’s not as simple as digging my hands in and pulling out whatever I touch.  It requires a bit of work, a little finesse to find them and make them mine.  I don’t think that makes them any less sweet.  It makes them worth the effort.  

I’d rather be reading Austen

I was going to write a post this morning about something interesting and thought provoking, and then I realized, I got nothin’.  I think I need some new material because all I could think to write about was my latest snowboarding experience (embarrassing), and how I have to do it all over again this Sunday.  I’m trying to like it, I really am, but I’m not sure I’m cut out for winter sports what with all the snow and falling down and inability to move the next day.

In other news, I am thrilled to be taking a course on Jane Austen and her works.  It’s really just an excuse for me to read during the day without feeling guilty.  I have found ‘homework’ to be an excellent excuse for why my husband hasn’t any clean underpants. Excuses aside, I’m excited to be studying her works more critically instead of daydreaming about Mr. Darcy or taking the ‘which one are you’ character quizzes online.

The quiz always results with me being Elinor, regardless of how I try to skew the answers, which is incredibly disappointing because everyone knows that Elizabeth Bennet is the only right answer here.  Elinor is lovely, practical and pragmatic, with a good head on her shoulders.  All qualities I admire in other people, and seem to find annoying in myself.  I’d rather be lively, witty and fearless like Lizzie.

Lizzie would have loved snowboarding, I’m sure.


Survival of the fittest

It seems we all survived our first experience ski/snowboarding in the Alps.  Of course we didn’t make it off the bunny slope, but I still consider it a success in that no one was hurt and I spent only about three quarters of the time on my backside.  The story doesn’t end there, as we get to do it all over again for another three Sundays.  Blessedly, I will have my better half available to assist me in the gear hauling and kid wrangling.

I’ve spent the better part of this week trying to walk as if everything didn’t hurt and playing catch up from our three weeks away.  Between the Advil popping and laundry loads, I’ve tried (somewhat successfully) to set aside some time to think and pray about the year ahead.  I want to be intentional and purposeful with this year, and not live distracted and fractured.  So I find myself a bit lost in a pile of lists, papers and books. Lost in a good way. In a way that suggests I might not see the path clearly, but I am headed in the right direction.

What direction are you headed in this year?