On the fence

I hope the few of you who might still be checking in on occasion have had a wonderful holiday.  We’ve had a lovely few weeks in the US, visiting family and friends and filling our suitcases to the brim with essentials such as brown sugar, Secret deodorant, and books.  Good gracious, the books!  It’s strange the things that we refuse to do without, and the things that we learn to give up.

The visit has been bittersweet, as always.  We are nine months into our great Swiss adventure, and I still straddle the fence between embracing and letting go.  I suppose all things worth doing in life require a little bit of both.

I’d like to talk more, about the coming year, about expectations and joys, and maybe even fears.  But first, I’d like to hear more about you.  How was your holiday, and what is the one thing you would insist on smuggling into your suitcase?



  • Hello, you are in my Google Reader – I look forward to your blogs, one expat to another. I understand the bit about being on the fence; the first year of ANYTHING is the toughest. My offer still stands, if you want to contact me (off blog) and get together for a coffee. I’m just in Zurich.

    As for my inport/exporting 🙂 I take chocolate (naturally) and bring back: Airborne, vitamins, Advil, books, undies, and certainly jeans. Oh, and I almost forgot: scrapbooking supplies.

    Happy New Year

  • blog walking. nice post

  • Anonymous

    Your blog always puts a smile on my face. Makes me feel like you are still across the street…it’s a good way to keep up with the Coyles!

    I’m still on the fence about you living in Zurich….haven’t quite accepted it yet and pretty much try to ignore it! Maybe one day I will let it sink in….just not today.