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On the fence

I hope the few of you who might still be checking in on occasion have had a wonderful holiday.  We’ve had a lovely few weeks in the US, visiting family and friends and filling our suitcases to the brim with essentials such as brown sugar, Secret deodorant, and books.  Good gracious, the books!  It’s strange the things that we refuse to do without, and the things that we learn to give up.

The visit has been bittersweet, as always.  We are nine months into our great Swiss adventure, and I still straddle the fence between embracing and letting go.  I suppose all things worth doing in life require a little bit of both.

I’d like to talk more, about the coming year, about expectations and joys, and maybe even fears.  But first, I’d like to hear more about you.  How was your holiday, and what is the one thing you would insist on smuggling into your suitcase?


Nearly there

I’m not sure where to start.  It’s been a while, friends.

Let’s see, we’ve had three bouts of the stomach flu since Thanksgiving. 
We’ve had a third grade performance in Zurich as part of the “Singing Christmas Tree” which, in an unfortunate twist of events, I was unable to attend due to having my head in the toilet. 

We’ve had a questionable interpretive dance performance of “The Snowman“, which I am still struggling to understand.  
And we’ve had snow, the kind of snow that dusts the trees like confectioner’s sugar and pipes swirls on tiled roofs like icing on a Christmas cookie.

There is still much to look forward to…family and friends, the scent of pine beneath twinkling lights, and suitcases stuffed to the brim with goodies.  With nary an interpretive dance in sight.