Oh dear

I have a child who likes to dot the letter ‘i’ with a heart, and then transform the heart into a bat with wings.  Said child also draws pictures with such self-revelatory titles as “Me, fighting with my brother and eating grapes”, although I have it on good authority she doesn’t like grapes.  She does like to sing in the bathtub, and was recently overheard belting out ‘If you wanna be my lov-ah’.

Serious parenting FAIL.
She likes giggling and being silly and shocking me.  And she manages to do all three on a regular basis.  Most recently, I have discovered that she considers sitting in the principal’s office a risk she is willing to take in order to avoid having a boy partner in class.  When pressed on why she was willing to risk punishment, she said “I guess I’m just a risk-taker Mom”.

And who can argue with that?