I’ve been taking a wee bit of a blog break.  The past few weeks have been full to brimming with the usual stuff of life, with a little Halloween fun and friend making thrown in to sweeten the pie.  We’ve been busy living routine and schedule and family.  Although the ordinary isn’t always something to write about, it is the place where duty and joy stand toe to toe, shake hands and agree to do life together.

The next week will be lived outside of the ordinary, while Daddy holds down the homefront and I recover from jet lag and pre-marathon jitters.  I’m a few days away from the event I’ve been training five months for, and I wish it were over and I wish I was faster and I wish I wasn’t so afraid and I wish…..

I wish the uncommon things weren’t so gut wrenchingly difficult. 

I wish it all came to me with ease and confidence and surety. But it doesn’t and I suppose that’s why I press on and run for the finish.  It’s why I make new friends and live in a foreign land and travel alone and keep moving forward, one uncomfortable and uncommon thing at a time.



  • Butterflies and gut wrenching jitters are a good thing. It keeps you on your toes. . . well. . . you really just want to be on your feet. 🙂

    That said one of my most enjoyable race was when I ran with my wife in a half marathon (her first). I was able to take in all the scenery, talk to other racers, high-five spectators, and encourage those that seemed like they were on their last step moving forward. I felt like I actually got my $55 worth or whatever the race cost.

    Good luck to you!!

  • Kim! How wonderful that you’re doing this marathon! I hope you met your goals and have fully recovered. Maybe you’ll even get to enjoy the extended beautiful fall weather we’ve had this year.

    Safe travels. Green with envy looking at your pictures from Venice.

    Hope all is well.

    Paula from Minnesota

  • deb

    and so???

    how are you… was thinking of you, running alongside in spirit 😉