It’s been a while since I’ve stopped in here, mainly because I seem to be missing the multitasking gene that most women are born with.  I have long been aware that I am simply not capable of doing more than one or two things well at any given time.

At the moment I’m bearing into the final full-on running weeks before the marathon, which leaves little to no energy for much else.  I’ve also started a few classes which are requiring a brain squeeze, the likes of which I haven’t known in thirteen years or so.  It’s a miracle my children are fed and looked after.  Unfortunately, this means the blog suffers.  But, really, how many times can you hear me complain about my remaining seven toenails and utter physical exhaustion?  One more I guess:)

I wish I could take you along on a run with me here, among the hills and forest and cows.  All physical discomfort aside, I feel a sense of rightness with the world when I’m out there.  I begin my run near a lake, while the fog still hovers over the surface and the trees are slick with moisture.  It reminds me of Genesis, where it speaks of the Spirit of God hovering over the face of the waters.  And on those early mornings I can feel Him there, Spirit hovering over lake, mountain, me.

I run past orchards and farms, rolling hills of grass and through tiny little ‘blink and you missed it’ villages.  I get slightly amused looks from the donkeys and sheep.  The cows never change with their exaggerated chewing and languid glances.

When I get tired, I detour into the forest and follow paths woven between the fallen leaves by feet and spinning wheels.  The earth smells musty and I can see my breath hold in the air for a moment.  I pass the occasional runner who may or may not say ‘Gut Morgen’. Usually not.  I say it anyway because sometimes I like to hear the sound of my voice in the still places.

When I’m tuckered out and my watch beeps for the 15th or 18th time, I head back to the car, back to a house full of kids in their pj’s and a barefoot husband making homemade waffles.  And I am hungry and full, tired and yet so very satisfied.


Photos were taken in the middle of a summer day along my running route.  I must take some on an early autumn morning because it’s spectacular.