Friday Favorites: A list

Feeling a bit fuzzy this week.  Lack of sleep due to missing my traveling man.  So I leave you with a list, and the promise of more photos from our recent trip to Venice when I can catch up on some sleep.

Favorite tunes:  Come Around Sundown.  Love, truly love it.

Favorite photo from Venice:

Favorite eye candy:  The Cherry Blossom Girl.  Gorgeous.
Favorite laugh:  Tyler Stanton.  
Second Favorite photo from Venice:  This was day two.  You can imagine how day one went.
Favorite nerdy moment:  Discovering I can receive emails from PBS Masterpiece with the latest Mystery and Classics schedule.  I feel my predilection for period film and general nerdiness is redeemed by my taste in music.  See first favorite.
Least favorite moment:  Forgetting to weigh my onions before getting in line at the grocery store.  Again.  I think I’m on the Migros list of top ten most wanted foreigners. 
Favorite ‘mom’ moment:  Listening to Rachel talk about her first Turkey Trot PR.  She still refuses to go on a run with me.  I think she’s worried I won’t be able to keep up, which is sadly the likely truth.
What were some of your favorites this week?
Happy Friday,



  • Favorite of the week: Being unemployed and having the time to spend with our boy.

    Least favorite: Being unemployed and not knowing how next month’s mortgage will be paid.