Archives for October 20, 2010

What they lack in subtlety….

I frequently pass a billboard in a neighboring town featuring a gorgeous blonde woman talking on her cell phone.  Beneath her there’s something written in German that I can only assume means ‘Call the Police’.  It took me a few passes to figure out what in the world they were advertising.  Why am I to call the police?  Is the woman’s dog barking too loudly?  Is she parked an inch outside of her designated parking spot?  Did she recycle incorrectly?


Then I noticed the person sitting beside her…the grim reaper.  Hooded, face obscured, sickle at the ready inches from her head. Well played Switzerland, well played.  You have not mastered the art of subtlety, but you have encouraged me to avoid the cell phone while driving lest I become the victim of the ‘The Reaper’ or the nosy driver with the Police on his speed dial.