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Friday Favorites: A list

Feeling a bit fuzzy this week.  Lack of sleep due to missing my traveling man.  So I leave you with a list, and the promise of more photos from our recent trip to Venice when I can catch up on some sleep.

Favorite tunes:  Come Around Sundown.  Love, truly love it.

Favorite photo from Venice:

Favorite eye candy:  The Cherry Blossom Girl.  Gorgeous.
Favorite laugh:  Tyler Stanton.  
Second Favorite photo from Venice:  This was day two.  You can imagine how day one went.
Favorite nerdy moment:  Discovering I can receive emails from PBS Masterpiece with the latest Mystery and Classics schedule.  I feel my predilection for period film and general nerdiness is redeemed by my taste in music.  See first favorite.
Least favorite moment:  Forgetting to weigh my onions before getting in line at the grocery store.  Again.  I think I’m on the Migros list of top ten most wanted foreigners. 
Favorite ‘mom’ moment:  Listening to Rachel talk about her first Turkey Trot PR.  She still refuses to go on a run with me.  I think she’s worried I won’t be able to keep up, which is sadly the likely truth.
What were some of your favorites this week?
Happy Friday,


What they lack in subtlety….

I frequently pass a billboard in a neighboring town featuring a gorgeous blonde woman talking on her cell phone.  Beneath her there’s something written in German that I can only assume means ‘Call the Police’.  It took me a few passes to figure out what in the world they were advertising.  Why am I to call the police?  Is the woman’s dog barking too loudly?  Is she parked an inch outside of her designated parking spot?  Did she recycle incorrectly?


Then I noticed the person sitting beside her…the grim reaper.  Hooded, face obscured, sickle at the ready inches from her head. Well played Switzerland, well played.  You have not mastered the art of subtlety, but you have encouraged me to avoid the cell phone while driving lest I become the victim of the ‘The Reaper’ or the nosy driver with the Police on his speed dial. 

A bit of news

As the button says, I am happily featured at (in)courage today! I’m thrilled to be joining them as today’s daily guest, and hope you’ll fancy a look.  See you there…


“Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees”
~Faith Baldwin

I’m taking a few days off to enjoy fall break with my favorite little people.  I’ll be back soon with more photos to share.

Weekend Wanderings- Disneyland Paris

This trip was a hoot.  Mainly because we sat in a car eating pain au chocolat and baguettes as well as one dodgy meal from a KFC (shame on you France) for twelve hours.  We waited in countless lines for the pleasure of being scared out of our wits.  We were pushed and shoved by lots of Europeans (why can’t anyone but the Brits queue properly?), and we got caught in a rainstorm to end all rainstorms.  And we lost a child.  In Disneyland.  With a ridiculous amount of non-English speaking people.  For over twenty minutes.  Yes, my friends, it was a real hoot.

However, in spite of all that, we had such fun.  The proof is in the photos….

A toute a l’heure,