There are a number of things that I should be doing.  I should be ironing or folding laundry.  I should also be filling out paperwork, returning emails, or finishing my bible study.  But I’d rather be here.  I’d rather put the ‘should-be’s’ on the shelf and sit across from my pitcher of sunflowers and think about my kid turning eleven today.

I would rather think about how she made me into the person I was always meant to be, for better and sometimes for worse.  I’d like to think about how she can almost look me in the eye when barefoot, how she has more patience than any person I know, and the way her hair swings around her shoulders like a cape.  I’d like to think that she’s inherited all of my good qualities and none of my bad ones, and how she has my eyes and loves a good book as much as I do.

I should be doing a number of other things, but I’m not.  I’m sitting here thinking about how eleven years ago my world tipped and turned and transformed into the best thing this side of heaven.