Nuts and Bolts

Life is clickety clacking along at a steady pace here.  We are now three weeks into the new school year and five months into our Swiss adventure.  Apparently time flies when you’re busy trying to understand what the heck is going on around you, and spending the better part of your time in the ridiculously overpriced grocery store.  I may have mentioned that one or twenty times.

It snowed on the mountains yesterday, and although it’s still warm here near the lake, talk has turned to skiing and lessons and other ways to spend ungodly sums of money this winter.  I’d like to make it to autumn before we start talking snow, people.  I’d be quite happy to burrow down under a blanket near the fire and stay there until April, but in an effort to embrace the full experience I will be strapping on my snowboard and heading for the Alps.  Sometime in February.  Maybe.

We’ve packed Rachel up for her first three day school trip to Heidiland (yes, there is such a place), where her days will be filled with hiking, climbing and a viewing of the movie Heidi.  Sweet, no?  Later in the year both she and Ethan will have week long skiing trips with their respective schools, and then another week long trip to England.  I’m so pleased that if nothing else, my kids will walk away from this experience having really tasted a bit of the world.  The flaw in this plan is that if they’ve inherited any of their Mama’s wanderlust, it will come back to bite me when they’re grown.  When I play the movie in my mind, I imagine them far flung across the globe as adults, to the soundtrack of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  And that’s just their father;)