Near misses

I was talking to an older Swiss woman recently about traveling and hair raising experiences on the road.  I told her that I’d been late to our appointment that day because the car in front of me hit another one. I had to change directions and backtrack to avoid the auto parts strewn across the road.  It wasn’t much of a story.

She told me about a near miss while driving the motorway in Italy.  I shook my head, ‘Near misses, we’ve all had them’.  Then she said, ‘I know there were angels protecting us and I thanked God for it’.  And in that moment, I felt every difference between us- age, nationality, language, religion fall away because God’s Spirit transcends them all. In New Jersey, in Italy, in Switzerland, on the road, in our homes, at the hair salon,  He is present and He makes His name known.


I’m joining the celebration of everyday gifts over at Chatting at the Sky today.  I’m so grateful for everyday conversations that remind me that God is so much bigger than the box in which I try to squeeze Him.