Friday Favorites on a Wednesday, just because

I was cleaning up a few bits and bobs yesterday, and I came across various collections of articles, book lists, recipes, and ripped out magazine pages that I’ve put aside for one reason or another. It’s a sickness. I am compelled to save these things.  Apparently, I was also compelled to save a package of Shrinky Dinks, because I love to save things that will lead to irrational arguing between my children.

The book list(s) in particular caught my eye.  I have, in the last year, written down over fifteen books that I would like to read, and that doesn’t include any of the books that I actually have read.  I think I was being a bit ambitious considering I’ve only read one book in the last month.

I think I made one recipe from the food pile, purchased two products from the cosmetics pile, and tried out exactly zero routines from the fitness stack (which was the largest).  Consequently, I’ve got some really cute lipstick, a kick A cottage pie recipe, and less than perfect abs.  I’m willing to live with these choices.

The question is, what can I recommend to you from this wealth of information I’ve accumulated?

This book. If you’re a runner, get it, read it, google each character because this book is more outrageous than fiction.  It sounds a bit dry, but I tell you it’s one of the best books I’ve read in some time.

This lippy.  All natural, minty goodness with the softest hint of color.

This recipe.  Thanks, Martha.  Finally, a recipe that doesn’t require a few hours, a sous chef, and obscure kitchen implements.

Do you have any books/recipes/cosmetics you’d like to recommend?  I’d even be willing to accept fitness routines, but I’m not making any promises on follow through.



  • I’m a sucker for recommendations…I love burts bees but have never tried that…now I must!! And the recipe looked delicious too!

    And can I just say…that header is out of this world amazing!!

  • deb

    I might just get that book… I’m getting back into it finally , after that car vs me thing, and I could use some inspiration. thx.