A Student Shaped Hole

I think if I’d had my way and an unlimited trust fund, I would have probably ended up a perpetual student.  I loved college.  And if it weren’t for the scary people at my high school, I probably would have really enjoyed that too.  Once I started having babies, the classroom learning came to a screeching halt. However, I remained undeterred, and I looked for other avenues to fill the student shaped hole it left behind.  
There was an ill-fated attempt at dancing lessons with Michael.  It was here we discovered that we both want to lead, which wasn’t terribly conducive to dancing or to our relationship.   Then there was the hard core, four hour long weekly cooking classes, once again suggested by Michael.  The brochure failed to mention that not hating cooking is a pre-requisite.  And let’s not forget the (one) knitting class I attended, in which I (wrongly) assumed having opposable thumbs made it a sure winner.  It turns out you need at least three or four of them.  It seems the road to self-improvement is littered with marital strife, burnt food, and a scarf that only a mother could love.
Now that my kids are in school and I am FREE,  free to pursue my life long learning, I have decided to sign up for a few new classes.  I am currently taking a photography course, as well as twice weekly language lessons.  Next up, a class, a real one with a textbook and everything.  And nary a recipe in sight.  
What kinds of classes are you taking/thinking about/avoiding?


  • Hello, I am avoiding taking another German course – I pretty much stank the first time around. I live in Zurich, too – and am grateful that I can get by with my Tarzan German.

    (I must give credit to Robin, a former expat, who first coined the phrase “Tarzan German” – if you’ve ever tried to learn German grammar, you know what I’m talking about).

    Good luck with your classes!

  • i’d like to find time to finish my dissertation. right now it’s a big stack of papers under a pile of dust bunnies 😉 after that, i’d probably go back and get a degree in the classics, loved them the first time around. then maybe something in the anthropologie field…should i go on? i loved being a student!

  • deb

    I took a library information and tech course last year , thinking I could ease into that as a “career”.

    But I want to read and write.

    But I don’t know if I want to take a course or workshop.
    well, afraid I think.

    and my husband and I took ballroom dancing when we were engaged to be married. we still joke that we almost called off the wedding.

  • I assumed most of one’s high school peers were scary, but now I’m wondering if that was especially so at our school.

    I’m at peace with some things – the unfinished scarves and merely passable cooking (I can dismount the smoke detector and flick out the battery with one hand).

    I have three degrees, but have twisted some venues of learning – especially anything with an official test – into determinants of whether I’m Good Enough.

    I relate to failing as something real rather than an interpretation, and as separate from learning rather than intrinsic to a progression. It’s a double-whammy – it takes the fun out of learning and takes my attention off of learning. I look forward to having some grace and ease in this area – and the sooner the better!

  • Avani Edin

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