Home, without the howling

Oh dear.  It’s been ages hasn’t it?  We’ve just arrived back home in Zurich after three-ish weeks in the U.S. I’m fighting the urge to give in to the siren’s call of my own bed, but I need to at least attempt a big girl bedtime.  I thought about posting more often while we were away, but I found myself word weary at the end of the day.  It was the good kind of weary. The kind in which you try to squeeze four months of missed conversations and belly laughter into a few days worth of time.

Besides the obvious highlights (convenience, variety, Target for goodness sake), there was the simple pleasure of having all five of us in one place at the same time. The only member missing was the dog, who in protest at being left behind, managed to help our dog sitter lock herself out of the house on day one of our trip. One locksmith and 300CHF later, he figured he had not caused enough of a row, and proceeded to howl long into the night at which point our neighbors decided to enlist the help of the police.  One police visit and a near anxiety attack (me) later, the dog sitter, who by then realized she’d gotten much more than she’d bargained for, informed me she was leaving the day before we were to arrive home.  Cue the howling (again, me).

Ten phone calls/emails to Switzerland and a few non-church words later, the dog found himself at an entirely different house with a girl we’d never met.  I very nearly left him there, but no, here he sits snuggled into my lap as I type away.  And I now find myself at home, with everyone I love tucked within, the sound of giggles drifting down the stairs, and one dog on his very, very best behavior.



  • God used your trip back to the States to remind me of the importance of what he’s called me to. Thanks for that! 😉

    This one’s for your kids.