London wasn’t seen in a day, but we sure did try

My husband’s life motto is “Go big or go home”.  This applies to pretty much everything.  Ice cream cones, home remodeling projects, and for good or naught, vacations.  I think we attempted to see the whole of England in one week, and dang near managed to do it.  I feel slightly at a loss as to where to begin when there are seven days and 1000+ photos to discuss.  But I shall do my best.  In true Coyle fashion, I will blog big or go home.

As I may have mentioned one hundred times infinity, we used to live in London, and it is my favorite city for shopping, visiting, sight seeing, everything.  We still have a close knit group of friends living there, and conveniently one decided to get married this summer.  Thanks Katherine!
And so vacation began with an afternoon in a place of worship.  The original Norman chapel of St. Mary’s of Barnes was built on this site around 1100, and it has been witness to countless generations, blessings, births, and unions ever since.  We entered to the sound of pealing bells on a beautiful and rare sunny day.

After the ceremony we mingled among the roses and the forgotten.  I couldn’t help but think about how full circle it all is.  Birth and marriage and death all simultaneously playing out on this little patch of grass and stone.

While I contemplated the meaning of life, the kids (who believe the meaning of life can be summed up in one word…Fun), were starting to kick up a ruckus.  One can only be told so many times to stop climbing on the gravestones before friendly pushing, shoving and the giggles set in.

I’m not entirely sure what my boy is doing here, but may I please point out my girl’s face?  Priceless.  It’s like seeing the entirety of my tween years pass before my eyes.
They do bring out the kid in me.  Tomorrow we’ll get down to business, and I’ll give you London in twenty photos or less.  Pinky swear.


  • deb

    These vacation posts are fabulous. A virtual vacation for me . Who has mostly been going from the front yard to the back yard.

    You and your family ~ gorgeous !