Weekend Wanderings- Here comes the sun, albeit briefly

We finally saw a sliver of sun on Friday evening from exactly 8pm to 9pm, and as luck would have it, there was a local “chilbi” or carnival in town.  I was curious if it would feel foreign or familiar. I have since learned that cotton candy, bright lights and stomach churning amusements are also a universal experience.  As were the groups of tween girls with their dangly earrings and overdone makeup, the boys standing around trying to look cool but fighting the urge to push and shove each other into the mud, and the little ones fussing for want of another sweet.  It seems we’re all cut from the same cloth.

Little known fact: I am afraid of ferris wheels.  I braved it to avoid being labeled a lame mom, and also to bring you this photo…

I’m sure there were some animal rights violations here, but the Swiss can’t be bothered with that.  They’re too busy giving out speeding tickets and rubbish fines.  (We’ve already received two of the above, along with a threat to take away one individual’s driver’s license.  Bitter much?)
Seatbelts? Safety restrictions?  None of those either.  These folks sure do know how to live on the edge.

Anyone for a little weaponry?

I hope your weekend was as colorfully loud as mine, if only for an hour.


  • Looks like you had a lovely weekend!