The Cherry on top

 You’ll just have to indulge this mama today, because my baby is five.  Five means silver paper crowns, happy tears, catching air on a pink tulle dress, one tired mama, and birthday brownies served up with a heaping side of grace.   

I know God smiled the day He created you my sweet Sophie Grace, and I’ve been returning the grin every day since.
I love you,


  • Daddy

    Soph – if ever there was pure joy, I’ve seen it in you. You are 1000 watts of sunshine to me, and I love my Gracie with all my heart. Thanks for being a daddy’s girl through and through.

  • Suz

    I feel like I’m intruding in a private moment but I just had to say how wonderful your posts are and how much I enjoy them.

    Today especially!

  • Very sweet post! I love the silver crown 🙂 I hope she had a very happy birthday!