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Today I’m guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs, Chatting at the Sky.  Emily has been kind enough to share her bit of space with me while she spends some time focusing on writing her book(s).  Yes, that is books, plural.  She’s either amazing or crazy.  Writers are usually a little bit of both.  If you get a moment, pop in and say hello.  Be sure to take a browse through some of her previous posts.  They are food for the soul.



  • loved your post….looking forward to following your blog….

  • Hi Kimberly…
    i dropped myself after Emily’s and found this lovely blog! your posts were sweet and i’m thinking to subscribe your blog to read more about you!
    have a lovely summer…
    xoxo mezo

  • i caught you at emily’s (i’m new to her site too) but had to say hi. i don’t know where in switzerland you are, but my best girlfriend from college lives there now (geneva ish). and you may not be a soccer fan, but yay for switz pulling off an upset against spain for the world cup matches today!
    back to you, i love your space here.. quiet and beautiful. and seeing beauty/Him beyond the mess/gray in our lives? i so need to be reminded of that message, thanks for sharing!

  • Jane

    I loved your comment “beauty just beyond the gray”. Whenever Mt. Rainer is hidden by gray skies, I think about how amazing it is on a sunny day. Can’t wait to follow your blog!

  • Loved your post at Emily’s today. And it’s good to see you here again…I’m sorry I haven’t been by in a while!


    cheering you on, girl!

  • Such a lovely post you shared today.

  • I loved your post and commented over at chatting the sky…beautiful. Happy for follow your blog!!