Between the beds

We’ve barely managed a spring here this year, and so it seems that summer has crept up on me very quickly.   Growing up, summer hours were spent perfecting my back flip at the neighborhood pool, chasing fireflies and friends in the muggy evening heat, and filling every moment in between with a good book.  It never occurred to me as a child that most kids didn’t make bi-weekly visits to the library and come home with shopping bags filled to bursting with books.  While other children were playing softball and chasing down the ice cream truck, I could be found sitting on my bedroom floor hidden between the beds, crying over Little Women.  It was perfection.

With summer imminent, I feel it’s time for the compilation of the summer reading list to commence.  In other words, kindly comment with any and all book suggestions.  This spring I’ve had a particularly good run of books, and I wouldn’t be a true friend if I didn’t share as well.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon– Just delightful. A perfect summer read.

The Swan Thieves– Takes a little effort, but well worth it.  Particularly interesting to art history buffs.

Open House– My first Elizabeth Berg book.  Her attention to detail is amazing.

The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag– Good gracious, this series is a hoot.  I adore everything about it.

Has anyone read any of these?  Thoughts?