The Monkey Exhibit

Before our furniture arrived with 300 of it’s closest friends, we took the kids to the Zurich Zoo for a day.  I was far more interested in capturing them monkeying around than I was in taking one more photo of the ubiquitous “Big Cat”. 
This guy never met a slide he didn’t like.

Where can I find one of these?  I think it could double as a disciplinary measure.

This peanut never met a slide she didn’t like either.

And this little guy?  He was hoping to propel himself off the slide and take out that kid standing on the stairs.  

We probably could have saved ourselves a bundle and visited the park instead, but then we would have missed out on this….

I guess I couldn’t resist that Big Cat after all.


  • Suz

    Great photos. I hope there was something soft and shock absorbing at the bottom of the slide! It looks like fun!

    The cat is gorgeous!

  • deb

    These were so good!

    and the slide looks so steep, your daughter is brave.

  • What a cool slide!! Looks like you guys had a fun day!

  • Really appreciated these photos. We live in Basel and are thinking about going to the Zurich Zoo tomorrow. Do you recommend it? The playground alone looks amazing. Thanks!

  • Hi sixkids, I definitely recommend the zoo. It’s big enough for an entire day of fun, but there are plenty of “break” spots where you can grab a coffee and the kids can play on the playground. Worth it!