Same old, same old

It is getting more and more difficult to post these days.  I’m assuming no one wants to read another blog post about IKEA or the grocery store?  Unfortunately folks, that’s all I’ve got.  Life as an expat sounds exciting on paper, but when it comes down to it, much of the daily stuff is the same.  I make oatmeal in the morning and play referee or taxi driver in the afternoons.  I fold laundry and fuss over dinner and paint my toes in front of the tv.

Michael is traveling in the US this week, so we are here and he is there and it is hard.  I’m focusing on the positive, that being all of the goodies he will stock up on while in NJ.  If anyone sees a man/pack mule in Newark airport struggling with two suitcases worth of pantry items and a BBQ strapped to his back, would you kindly lend a hand?  And then remind him to bring me an Us magazine.