All roads lead to Ausfahrt and other amusements

I am happy to report that we did not spend any time in MediaMarkt today.  I am not happy to report that the reason for this is because May Day is a national holiday.  This information would have been useful before I let the milk and eggs run low.

I discovered this delightful quirk when I walked to the local mini mart and bakery to find them closed with a big sign in the window that I could only assume said “Go home and plan better next time”.  Every must-do for the day was squashed under the weight of the great Swiss conspiracy to make life as inconvenient as possible. I have composed a letter in response.

Dear Switzerland,

I am writing to inform you that holidays were created for shopping.  Also, could you please not use the word Ausfahrt so prolifically on your highway signage?  My kids think it’s a hoot to repeat it each and every time.  I am not amused.  Well, maybe a little.  Ahem.

Your American friend,


PS Ausfahrt is german for Exit.  It is pronounced exactly as you think it would be. You see my dilemma.


  • Love your sense of humor, accomplished so well in a down-to-earth style of writing.

  • kimberly, please tell the kiddos that uncle dave and aunt becky share their immature humor. 🙂 just imagining it makes me laugh… even the redundancy of kids is funny. love to all.

  • I can just hear the kids repeating that followed by the cutest giggles ever! boy do I miss them!

  • deb

    A rant with humour.
    love it.
    not so much that sign, I imagine my big kids would find it amusing too.

  • I’m glad you REALLY “get” my Ausfahrt story now…. 🙂