Archives for May 20, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

The Swiss experience is not shaping up to be exactly as I had imagined it.  I pictured myself sitting in a lovely cafe with the alps as my backdrop, writing, thinking and perfecting my chic European look.  The reality is more like this…me walking aimlessly in the grocery store for the 283rd time this month, list writing, and perfecting my “I’m going to nod and pretend that I know what you’re saying to me Mr. Swiss German, but I really don’t have a clue” look.  Somewhere along the way there has been a disconnect between what I imagined and my reality. 

It makes a soul weary, this imagined life.  I grow weary of the desire for perfection.  The desire for every situation to be flawlessly planned and perfectly executed.  For the end result to measure up.  For me to measure up.

I want to practice reality and not regret, imperfection and not the impossible. Where real life is better and messier and more complex and far richer than anything I ever imagined.  I wish that for you too.