Archives for May 4, 2010

Soul comforts

I’m peeking in for a quick hello.  This week is a busy one, with Sophie beginning her first week at school and the highly anticipated arrival of our sea shipment.  It’s been over a month since we’ve slept in our own beds.  The temporary furniture provided for us has been functional, but a far cry from comfortable. It may or may not have caused certain family members to resort to questionable medication usage.
Physical comforts aside, I am ready for the soul comforts of home.  I’m ready to be surrounded by well read books, my favorite English tea pot with the cracked spout, and glitter glue projects in progress.  I want to hear my kids fingering out Jingle Bells for the umpteenth time and Wishing me a Merry Christmas in May.  These things aren’t home, but they whisper it with each phrase or tune or cup enjoyed.