The Daily

I’ve had quite a few requests for photos of our new home and the surrounding area.  I’m afraid it’s been quite cloudy and hazy here, and I’ve been waiting for a clear day to grab the camera and shoot.  At the moment, I only have access to my laptop with limited photo cropping/posting capabilities.   This is one from last week, taken from the back yard.  The set of sliding glass doors is one of my favorite features of our place.  Remind me I said that when I’m windex-ing my life away.

I’m anxiously waiting for the arrival of our things.  Rumor has it that the air shipment will arrive sometime next week.  We only have what we were able to pack in our suitcases, which means that there is a serious shortage of cute clothing and the laundry situation is dire after about three days.

Doing laundry here is, simply put, a huge pain in the butt.  It was something I remember well from our years in London, mainly because it resulted in me wanting to pull my hair out regularly.  One load, from start to finish, takes about three hours.  Don’t even get me started on the load size capabilities, or non-capabilities as I like to call it.

On the school front, Rachel and Ethan are settling in easily.  I think there is a certain kindness amongst kids who at one point or another were the new kid with a funny accent.  There is a high yearly turnover rate in the expat community, so students are always coming or going. In their (very descriptive) words, school is “fun”, and German is “boring”.  I’m guessing German won’t be so “boring” when I’m bribing them with candy to translate for me at the grocery store.

Aaaahhh, the grocery store.  That deserves a post all it’s own.  I suppose life can’t be all Alps and chocolate.