The almost Heidi house

“I long, as every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”  ~Maya Angelou
A little glimpse of the home where we now find ourselves
The house itself is a mix between a traditional Swiss cottage and a very modern renovation.  It’s unusual for us, but quite common for the Swiss.  It’s a bit like a mash up between Heidi and IKEA.  I could have done without the IKEA, but I’m looking forward to making it my own for a little while.
The garden is lovely, and has so much potential.  Michael and I are excited to try our hand at planting flowers that won’t be deer fodder.  I won’t miss the deer in NJ, or the non-church words they tended to elicit when we routinely found our plants munched to bits.  You think we would have learned after the “The Great Hosta Debacle” of 2007.  And yet we persisted.  
I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.


  • Suz

    It looks wonderful.

  • We are moving to Zurich in just a few weeks and I stumbled upon your blog. We have three children, ages 9, 7, 4. My state of mind can be summed up as “terrified” and I find your posts fascinating. I hope you find peace and joy with your time in Switzerland. Quite honestly, I hope the same for us as well!

  • Ann, if you have any questions or would just like a fresh perspective, please feel free to email me directly at I’m happy to help in any way I can.

  • Jessica

    new follower here! Curious about living in Switzerland. My husband and I are ‘thinking’ about it. Your home reminds me of my brother and sister-in-law’s home in Herrliberg near Lake Zurich. I’m so lucky to live in the Bay Area of California, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else…