In one week…

…we have upended everything.  I can’t begin to write about the goodbye’s yet.  They are too fresh.  I would rather write about the view from my living room window.

Beautiful, no? 

And a cozy corner in the back garden….

Spring has arrived in Zurich, and things are in the early stages of bloom.  Kind of like our life here.  We will bloom here too, in this new place we are planted.  Our life will grow roots, make hedges, climb walls, and burst with color.  There may be thorny bits here and there, but life wouldn’t be the same without it’s small triumphs.  I expect there to be many…


  • Thanks for the beautiful pictures Kimberly. Oh we are still adjusting to all of you leaving, but know this is an experience of a lifetime. Wish we were there with you…

    We miss and love you all, Mom

  • lovely.

    yes, “life wouldn’t be the same without it’s small triumphs!”