“Familiarity breeds contempt…”  ~Mark Twain
I beg to differ Mr. Twain.  After turning our lives topsy turvy with our move to Switzerland, I can tell you that familiarity is greeted with great joy, and possibly a hint of hysteria.  
Hearing a few words spoken in English, finding favorites in the grocery store, watching the garden unfold into shades of yellow and pink.  These are ordinary moments in extraordinary circumstances.  Even a trip to IKEA was met with less dread than usual, because as one friend says, “flat pack” is the universal language.  And thankfully, so is ice cream. 
I’m so thankful for these gifts that soften the newness and smooth out the rough edges of transition.  Join me and a bunch of other lovely ladies over at Chatting at the Sky for more on life’s little treasures.  


  • Your words make your situation come alive. I’ve always lived in the same place. So glad you have those moments of “Aahh”.

  • I married a military guy. Is it weird to say that’s how I felt when I moved from TX to OH? Familiarity is like a comfortable old pair of jeans or a cozy blanket.

  • Ice cream! Definitely a universal language. I pray you rest in His joy and peace as you make your new house the home you’ve always known.

  • Oh, I can so totally relate! We lived in, France for four months. And, while every part of it was so amazing and exhilarating, it was exhausting all at the same time. Because everything was so new and different. Even thought I was in Paris, my favortie place to shop was the Gap because of its familiarity. 🙂 I still laugh about that. Enjoy!

  • I can imagine what those gifts of familiarity do to your heart…gifts for sure.

    Hoping that your adjustment comes quickly…

  • I’m enjoying the posts, girlie… and your new view! praying for you all, especially Sophie today. xxoo

  • Suz

    Your words made me feel more sympathetic to the imigrants who come to America. All must seem strange and unfamiliar. I will try to remember that.

    We need some photos of your new house and your view. Switzerland is so beautiful.

  • deb

    I hope your posts become my familiar! So good to hear from you.

  • Lib

    Totally understand! When I was a student in Berlin, I treated myself to American beer and burgers once a week…kept me sane!

  • The gift of the familiar! I remember being in Germany and wanting to eat at McDonald’s because it was familiar.
    Such lovely words, you have a gift!