On this Tuesday, beneath a cloud of volcanic ash, I’m thinking of spring.  Of late afternoon sun freckling shoulders, of beauty and blooming.  Blossoms bring a smile in spite of missing clothes, little girl loneliness, and the overwhelming newness of it all.  They set a tilted world right side up, or as near as you can get with only four pair of underpants and a mug the size of a thimble.  

I’m trying to enjoy the small gifts today in spite of the fact that all of our “essentials” are grounded in the US, while waiting for European air space to clear.  Join me at Chatting at the Sky for Tuesday’s Unwrapped.  See you there! 


  • Suz

    My goodness. I didn’t think about the fact the the volcanoe cloud would strand your belongings. What a bummer! It must be like camping – making due with the bare essentials. Hope all arrives safe and sound soon. And when it does, it will feel like Christmas as you open your boxes. What fun!

  • hope you have your things soon!!! glad that you linked up!

  • May God grant you peace (and panties) soon!

    What an adventure!

  • oh my what a hassle! I can’t even imagine– hope everything arrives soon!

  • I pray your things will get their soon. So glad you are meditating on the good things amidst the bad.

  • Hi Kimberly, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog ! It has been so endearing and intriguing to me because my husband & I are contemplating a relocation to Switzerland from Chicago with our 3 children in the New Year ! We are coming over to Z during the first week of May and I know I’m a complete stranger, but I’d love to meet you for a cup of tea! If you are interested in meeting, please send me a note at
    Warmly, Colleen

  • deb

    That you find any measure of humour in this is beyond me.
    Or maybe you need to laugh instead of cry right.

    looks like things are clearing now…