Archives for April 16, 2010

An uphill battle

In one week, I have hit maximum cheese consumption allowed by a sedentary individual.  At some point I will have to attempt a little cheese self control, but until that day is determined (probably when I put my swimsuit on for the first time), I need to get off my duff.

I decided to do just that and have been on a few short runs, winding my way through our town down to Lake Zurich.  I wish I could have brought my camera to capture a bit for you, but the only extra weight I’m carrying during a run is in my rear end.  This morning was cold and foggy, but a treat nonetheless, the only downer being that I have to run uphill the entire way home.  I don’t really do hills.  Well, I didn’t do hills, I guess I do now.  I suppose it will be good preparation for…wait for it….the 2010 NYC Marathon!

That’s right, as if my life wasn’t crazy and complex enough, I have decided to try and run the marathon again in November.  One might think I enjoy physical pain and exertion.  I don’t.  I also don’t like planning my entire day around a running schedule or losing toenails or sweating.  What I do like, is that feeling of setting a goal (an insanely difficult one), and reaching it.  I like fresh air breathed deep and freedom.  Nothing holds me back, not words or thoughts or expectations.  For a moment in time, I run free.

Have you found that special something that makes you feel free?