Archives for April 13, 2010


“Familiarity breeds contempt…”  ~Mark Twain
I beg to differ Mr. Twain.  After turning our lives topsy turvy with our move to Switzerland, I can tell you that familiarity is greeted with great joy, and possibly a hint of hysteria.  
Hearing a few words spoken in English, finding favorites in the grocery store, watching the garden unfold into shades of yellow and pink.  These are ordinary moments in extraordinary circumstances.  Even a trip to IKEA was met with less dread than usual, because as one friend says, “flat pack” is the universal language.  And thankfully, so is ice cream. 
I’m so thankful for these gifts that soften the newness and smooth out the rough edges of transition.  Join me and a bunch of other lovely ladies over at Chatting at the Sky for more on life’s little treasures.